Welcome to Burnt Coffee HQ! Our primary focus is reviews of new rock, metal, and alternative music. We also do track premieres and interviews, as well as the occassional movie review and album ranking.
This website is mainly run by myself (Alex), with occassional reviews from our esteemed board of writers.

Submission Guidelines

If you have a new album/EP/single that you would like us to review, reach out to us with your press materials at burntcoffee.reviews@gmail.com

We have a strong preference for albums that haven’t been released yet – you likely won’t get a response if your music is already several months old.

Any of the following formats are preferred for sending us your music:

  • Bandcamp YUM codes
  • Haulix/PromoJukeBox/other similar distribution sites
  • Dropbox/Google Drive (make sure the mp3s are tagged)

We no longer accept submissions via DM, but feel free to DM if you have any questions after submitting your music, or if you have any general inquiries.

Please include artwork and a band photo with your submission, as well as a press release where we can find more info about your band.

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